Sunday, February 10, 2019

10-FEB Bracket Projections: Kansas State rises, St. John’s, Iowa State, Indiana drops.

Notable Games
This week's top five as I see them (4-1 last week, 80-50 overall):
#5 Purdue at Maryland, Tue – Maryland 72, Purdue 70
#4 LSU at Kentucky, Tue – Kentucky 77, LSU 72
#3 Michigan State at Wisconsin, Tue –Wisconsin 70, Michigan State 69
#2 Duke at Louisville, Tue – Duke 75, Louisville 73
#1 Virginia at North Carolina, Mon – North Carolina 72, Virginia 71

My updated bracket can be found below.  This bracket (as well as my previous brackets) are a projection of where I think the teams will be as of Selection Sunday.  In other words, it includes their future schedule, for better or for worse. 

One automatic bids being swapped out in this update, which is a reversal of the last update. 
Patriot- Lehigh (Colgate)

I’m switching out three at-large bids in this update.  Toledo, Clemson, and Furman are in.  Georgetown, Nebraska, and Seton Hall are out. 

My latest bracket has a lone bid going to a first timer, with Sacred Heart earning a spot.  Wichita State (7), Arizona (6), Xavier (5), Providence (5), West Virginia (4), Butler (4), Seton Hall (3), Miami FL (3) and Iona (3) would see multiple year streaks of tournament appearances snapped if this bracket would hold.  Rider and Texas State would be ending droughts of at least 20 years with an automatic bid.  Furman and Toledo would both be earning their first bid since 1980 via an at large bid.


  1. Do you know anything about basketball? This has got to be the worst bracketology bracket I've ever seen.

  2. What's the biggest miss you see in a team above?

  3. Not sure which Tennessee team you are watching. We shall see.

  4. and after Kentucky loses 3rd in a row Saturday night, you may want to move them off the 1 seed line.

  5. As it stands, Kentucky has dropped from a one to a two seed. I didn't have them losing at home to LSU.

    I also have them beating Tennessee this weekend(I have the Vols with losses at Kentucky and at Auburn). Either way, after this weekend's game I should be at least a step or two more aligned with the rest of the brackets.