Sunday, November 12, 2017

12-NOV Bracket Projection: Opening Weekend

Who showed up: Boston College

The Eagles are 2-0, with both wins against D1 opponents and an average margin of victory of 29.5 points.  Granted it was against Kenpom teams of 331 and 348, but one year ago yesterday they opened their season with a home loss to #315 Nicholls State.  Only #301 Sacred Heart is keeping them from their second 3-0 start this decade.  A promising start for a Jim Christian squad who has finished #13, last and last in his three years in Chestnut Hill.

Show yourself out: Palmetto State schools

A rough opening weekend for a couple of South Carolina schools.  South Carolina State was one of the schools that ran into the BC buzz-saw, on the wrong end of a 39 point scoreboard.  That came on the heels of a 35 point opening night loss against Wisconsin.  Perhaps they'll catch a break in the schedule on Tuesday, when they'll get Yale about 48 hours off their own road trip to Madison.  It probably won't be enough, though.  Kenpom still has Yale as the better Bulldogs by 23 points.  For the South Carolina State Bulldogs, their best chance at the first D1 win might not be until they get into some of their intrastate games.  They'll travel to Presbyterian in early December, and if that doesn't work out they might need to look to mid December when they host...

Charleston Southern.  The Buccaneers also started the weekend with a couple of difficult road trips, albeit a little closer to home.  On Friday night, they were treated to an offensive onslaught from Davidson.  The Wildcats assisted 29 times on 35 made shots, and 26 of those makes were from three on 53 attempts.  Oh, and they had just one turnover (got to feel for Carter Collins who had the lone turnover, plus 0-2 from behind the line). 

Things were perhaps a little less bleak when they arrived in Raleigh Sunday.  If you would have told Charleston Southern their opponent would make a respectable, but average 9 of 23 from three, and a much more meager 13 assist to 15 turnovers, I'm sure they would have gladly taken it.  Alas, they responded with 24 turnovers themselves, and other than a 2-0 lead had very little to cheer about in a 78-56 loss.

Bracket: Sample size, nonexistent.

In what will be a reoccurring theme for a while, this is still pretty volatile.  However, it's great to have the games back and at least a few real scores to look at.

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