Friday, November 10, 2017

09-NOV Bracket Projection: The Ball Is Tipped!

In just a few hours, James Thompson IV and Eastern Michigan will continue their tradition of ushering in another college basketball season.  Much like the Eagles of Ypsilanti, mired in obscurity resulting from questionable decision making and inconsistent effort, I am ready to begin another season with dreams of the post-season.

I've made some changes for this year.  For instance, last year RPI carried heavy weight in my projections.  That will be scaled back.  This is partially in preparation for the selection committee evaluation changes coming in 2019, but also because I over-valued it in 2016-17.

I've also experimented a bit with pre-season predictions, using the past five years of game results, while also sprinkling in some recruiting and coaching changes.  From a macro view, I more pleased than displeased with the results.  However, it's not without flaws (Duke as a #5, Stony Brook as a First Four out).  Regardless, I will be phasing out the predictions by December.

Happy Basketball New Year, and RIP 24 hour Marathon. 

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