Tuesday, March 14, 2017

14-MAR: The Jayhawks Fed Me Crow

My first experience on bracketmatrix was heavy on humility and light on success.  I whiffed on Kansas, fell victim to Jim Boeheim’s charm, and ended the regular season underestimating Michigan State just as much as I did to start conference play. 

Should you wish to check it out, the link is above.  Stick around the first few columns to peruse the winners and then find me on a faaaaaaaaar right scroll.  Either way, this was a fun experience and I’m looking forward to trying it again.   And good news!  That bar wasn’t set all that high by me. 

A quick recap of how I graded out.  I had 67 teams that were in the field.  I missed on Syracuse in place of USC who made it in.  Of the remaining 67 teams, I had 30 pegged on the correct seed line.  27 others were either one seed higher or lower than what I expected.  I missed on the other 10.  Those are listed below.

Wichita State- 6 vs 10

Michigan State-12 vs 9
Maryland- 9 vs 6

Rhode Island- 9 vs 11
Miami FL- 10 vs 8
Kent State- 16 vs 14
South Carolina- 9 vs 7
Marquette- 8 vs 10
Middle Tennessee- 10 vs 12
VCU- 8 vs 10

Some of the misses above are ok, but the volume is the real problem.  I should be able to make some headway there.  We'll see.

To those that checked in, I appreciate the page views.  Thanks for taking a second, and hope to see you next season.

Enjoy the Tournament!

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